Taos Pueblo DNR

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Taos Pueblo
Division of Natural Resources

Blue Lake Wilderness Protection Program

High above our Taos Pueblo, in the pristine aspen and evergreen forests of the Taos Pueblo Blue Lake Wilderness Area, is a sacred lake, Ba whyea-Blue Lake. The People of Taos Pueblo have occupied these areas since time immemorial. Since the arrival of settlers, we have struggled to hold onto our land base, which has been drastically reduced throughout the years. On December 15, 1970, the Congress of the United States legally enacted Public Law 91-550, the Taos Pueblo Wilderness Act which put the Blue Lake Wilderness area into trust status. This law provided the tribe with exclusive use of the area for traditional purposes.

The tribe, through the Taos Pueblo Warchief’s office and the Wilderness Ranger’s has conducted preservation and protection activities in the Blue Lake Wilderness area for many years. Trail and Fence Maintenance are conducted throughout the Wilderness and boundaries. Conservation and preservation of the Blue Lake Wilderness Area is of Primary concern to Taos Pueblo. The Pueblo’s goal is to maintain the area in its most natural state-protecting trees, water, fish, wildlife, and soils from damage.

With proper consent of the tribal government, non members may be permitted to enter the lands for purposes compatible with their preservation as a wilderness or other official purposes. The Taos Pueblo Blue Lake Wilderness Area is closed to the public. This area is specifically for use by enrolled members of Taos Pueblo.